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 Armatage Park & 59th & Woodburn Ave So

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PostSubject: Armatage Park & 59th & Woodburn Ave So   6/18/2010, 12:58 am

Has anyone noticed since the influx of renters on Woodburn Ave. That the many children have been throwing rocks at the pets of the homeowners that live on Vincent Ave, between 58th & 59th Ave. They also have been caught hitting the pets with sticks, leaving trash all over the park, & the alley way. Very little if any adult supervison, allows these children ages 4 to 18, to run free.
Is there anyway Armatage can build a fence to match the railing fence at the home at the end of the park on 59th, and continue this to the rail fence on the other end? We have an unpaved alley and its unsafe for children to play or ride bikes ( a law suit in the making if one of their kids crashes), pot holes are filled and soon the asphalt because of a base of dirt, comes out and craters form, We have no problems with the craters, its slows drivers cutting thru the alley, and those of us that have lived here for years, know how to drive thru it.
We never had to deal with this type of problem before, parents were always there with their kids at the park, no trash was left all over and all of our pets were safe from harassment. Any suggestions?
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Armatage Park & 59th & Woodburn Ave So
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